Gambling is popular in many countries around the world, and as such you will often find casinos in a lot of the different cities and countries you visit. Some of the casinos you will see will be massive, with hundreds of tables and slot machines. Others will be much smaller, with just a few tables and machines to play. 


If you have been to gambling meccas like Las Vegas and Macao you will understand just how big-a business it is. The casinos, and surrounding hotels where the casinos are based are enormous. They have hundreds, even thousands of slot machines, and several different pits where they have many different table games. 

If you like bigger casinos you will love places like this. Las Vegas is geared around entertainment for all of the family, so as well as the casinos you will find plenty of other things to do. Macao is fairly similar, although Macao is largely focussed on bringing in big junkets of players, mainly from China, and millions of dollars are spend every day. If you go to Canada then you will find a lot of Canadian casinos that resemble the smaller Casinos in places like Atlantic City

Casinos in the sunshine

If you want to go somewhere that you can chill out on the beach during the day, and then play a bit at the casinos during the evenings, then many of the islands in the Caribbean are ideal for this. The wonderful island of St Maarten has several different casinos, where you can play and mingle with the friendly locals at the casino tables.

If you go to Nassau in the Bahamas, then you will be able to see the incredible looking Atlantis hotel. This is more like your Las Vegas style hotel, and they also have a very big casino within the hotel as well. This is another place where you can laze around the pool or on the beach, play some golf or go out on a boat trip during the day, and then hit the casino during the night.

Life of luxury in Monaco


Most people have seen picture of Monaco, the incredible buildings and hotels surrounding the place, with the awesome harbour at the front which is full of super-yachts owned by the rich and famous. It truly is a place to experience, and the relaxed atmosphere of the place is very alluring. You do not have to be super wealthy to visit there, but you cannot escape the wealth that surrounds you in Monaco.

One of the main attractions in Monaco is the big Casino de Monte-Carlo. This is the casino that you see in most of the movies such as the James Bond films. The building was completed in 1890, so it is full of history and tradition. But with 1160 state of the art slot machines, and a wide variety of table games available, you can have a gambling experience to rival any other within this casino.

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